Trying to Build a New House on a Difficult Piece of Land? Hire Customer Home Builders from Holland Park’s Webster Homes

Picture this scenario: you own a piece of land and would like to use it as the site for a brand new custom dream home. However, every time you get a builder to come out and assess the site, you hear the same thing: the property is too steep and building a home there would be expensive, problematic and potentially even impossible.

At Webster Homes, we meet with or hear from many, many clients who have had an experience similar to this scenario. In most cases, the client at hand is trying to build a home on a very sloped piece of property. Some builders simply don't like to work on steeply sloping land and will turn down projects involving such topography. At Webster Homes, though, we are willing to be your new home builders in Holland Park no matter the relief of your property. There is no block of land that is too steep or ‘difficult’ for our team to build on.

The Challenges of Building on Steep Lots

So, what about those builders who told you that building a home on a steep slope would be impossible? Were they lying to you?

While ‘impossible' is certainly a hyperbolic word choice here, there are undoubtedly extra challenges that come with building on a steeply pitched block of land. Some builders prefer to avoid these challenges and the added costs and work they incur. At Webster Homes, we love a challenge and relish getting creative with our home design and build projects. As a result, we will always be willing to be your custom house builder, even if you are contending with an unusually steep piece of land.

What are the particular challenges of building on an incline? The first is accessibility. It's harder to get construction equipment onto the worksite when you are dealing with a steep slope. It's also usually more difficult to connect the home to water and sewer systems—though, again, ‘impossible' is a hyperbolic choice of wording.

Other issues—such as drainage and erosion—are also elements that scare off many builders. However, using retaining walls and fill dirt—along with other structures and strategies—Webster Homes can build you a completely safe and stable home, no matter the slope of your property.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Sloped Property: Hire Webster Homes as Your New House Builders in Holland Park

While many builders focus on the drawbacks and challenges of building on sloped property, there are many benefits to be gained as well. For instance, as a homeowner, it's tough to beat the views you can get from a sloped property. Whether you are building on the coast or in a forest, you can get incredible, far-reaching views and lots of natural light from a home constructed on a slope.

The bottom line is that, if you want to build a house on a sloping piece of land, you shouldn't let anyone tell you it is impossible. Instead, call Webster Homes as your custom home builders in Holland Park. We will help you achieve your dream home—no matter the level of difficulty that your piece of land poses. Call us on 07 3171 9330 to get started.

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